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About TheBrain Technologies


We deliver the platform trusted by some of the deepest thinkers around the world to organize and access all their digital knowledge. From Fortune 500 companies, to leading doctors, entrepreneurs, and non-profits, TheBrain software helps people to digitize their minds and get more done.

Our software is the best way to organize knowledge in a form that captures the thinking and relationships behind the information so that it is more relevant, useful, and accessible.

Try it yourself, then join TheBrain and make an impact on the progress of digital knowledge.

New Positions Now Available!



If you have a curious mind and are a technology lover here’s your chance to build an exciting career with TheBrain Technologies, makers of the award winning “mind mapping” and information management.

TheBrain Technologies is seeking innovative thinkers to join our software development team. As a leader in productivity software, engineering and design is at the very core of our business. Our technology integrates leading edge visualization with a unique graphical user interface that combines the best of mind mapping and graph layout to deliver an unparalleled environment for capturing and sharing knowledge.

As the primary interface to organizing and accessing information, our products form the foundation of many of our customers' digital lives. If you are interested in joining a small team where your efforts will make a big impact around the world, we should talk.

While not required, preferred areas of expertise and interest include:

 Object-oriented design and programming (C#/.NET)
 Database design and optimization
 Distributed systems and server architecture
 UX and UI design across mobile, desktop, and Web platforms
 Visualization and animation
 Data synchronization and conflict resolution


TheBrain offers competitive compensation and benefits, including health and dental plans, along with a creative work environment.

TheBrain is located in beautiful Culver City, California, where the team enjoys a relaxed and fun work environment focused on bringing the next generation knowledge interface to the world.

For more information about working at TheBrain, email or apply now!


Great Benefits

Competitive Salaries   money-icon-blue.png

medical-icon-blue.png   Medical Insurance
Casual, Fun Environment   happy-icon-blue.png chair-icon-blue.png   Aeron Chairs
MacBook Pro Laptops   laptop-icon-blue.png travel-icon-blue.png   Paid Time Off
Free Sodas and Coffee   coffee-icon-blue.png star-icon-blue.png   Cool Office Space

Tech Stack



As an end to end provider of a sophisticated information management solution, our engineers push the limits of some of the most exciting technologies.

Our unique visual interface is a ground breaking technology that strives for beauty and simplicity both aesthetically and technically. It features direct manipulation and animation to make working with networked structures of data intuitive and fun.

We are using Mono as a C# cross-platform base while retaining native access to Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac OS clients. We also deliver a rich browser client using GWT to enable painless development of complex client-side user interfaces.

On the server side, we are leveraging sophisticated caching mechanisms including NoSQL databases and distributed memory services on top of large scale, more traditional SQL platforms.