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Review: TheBrain 10

Serious Insights • Mar 13, 2019

"Once mastered, TheBrain often becomes the go-to tool… TheBrain is a technology that empowers and encourages its users to be better thinkers. Few products can make that claim."

Daniel Rasmus

Create complex mind maps to get a visual overview of your projects.

Softpedia • Aug 16, 2018

"TheBrain helps you acquire a better understanding of your projects and content. 4.5 of 5 stars."

Ana Marculescu

TheBrain 9 Pro Looks Smarter and Faster Than Ever

The Mind Mapping Software Blog • Mar 16, 2018

"The engine behind TheBrain 9 is a new, proprietary brew of state-of-the-art software technologies, which make the new program significantly faster and more reliable than its predecessors."

Chuck Frey

TheBrain Updates Platform for Visualizing Thoughts and Organizing

KM World • Feb 27, 2018

"The new release provides a context-driven, visual interface, giving users an alternative to linear note taking apps, hierarchical file/folder sharing services and conventional mind mapping by visualizing and reorienting users’ “thought display” each time a topic is selected."

KM World

TheBrain: Organize and plan your work as you do in your brain with this program

Software Informer • Jan 26, 2018

"TheBrain is a mind-mapping program that allows you to organize your files, web pages, schedule, and other relevant materials in a logical form, akin to the way humans organize our thoughts in our own brain."

Victor Hernandez

TheBrain 9 for Unlimited Thoughts Process

Tutoriots • Jan 6, 2018

"This is TheBrain - a unique app that I highly recommend to great thinkers like yourself ;)"

Olivia Raymond

'Jerry's Brain' (The Online Version) Has Been Going Strong for 20 Years

Living Lab Radio • Sep 18, 2017

"Jerry Michalski is a career tech analyst with a unique claim to fame – the world’s largest published Brain. It’s called Jerry’s Brain, and you can find it here."

Heather Goldstone

Cool Tools Show 061: Jerry Michalski

Cool Tools • Aug 30, 2016

"I’ve learned that we’re an amnesiac civilization. I’ve learned that because we don’t have tools like this that help us create shared meaning, shared context, we’re really easy to manipulate and spin."

Jerry Michalski

TheBrain - Perhaps Even Better Than Your Own!

Australian Videocamera • Jan 1, 2016

"TheBrain is software that allows you to mind map; collect thoughts and ideas, and map them in such a way as to build up an overall picture of something and show all the interconnections between what might initially seem as disparate thoughts or concepts.

I urge you to download this and have a play. There are many different uses of TheBrain in our field of video and I am sure you’ll find a new one no-one has thought of yet."

David Hague

Your brain, my brain “TheBrain”

Visual Mapper • Dec 24, 2015

"Knowledge mapping may be understood in terms of the power of relational databases associated with creating, managing and sharing usable knowledge."

Wallace Tait

Up Your Memory Game With This External Brain

Observer • Sep 10, 2015

"Disciplined use of one piece of mind mapping software can make you smarter."

Brady Dale

Using TheBrain as digital bullet journal

Welcome to Sherwood • Apr 15, 2015

"The following discussion is a bit of a thought experiment on my part, rather than a report on my successful use of TheBrain for bullet journaling…I see real promise and wanted to share my thoughts."

Steve Zeoli

Trend-Setting Products of 2014

KMWorld • Sep 1, 2014

"TheBrain for iOS was selected because it demonstrates thoughtful, well-reasoned innovation and execution for the most important constituency of them all: the customer."


Tencer and Grose

630 CHED • Apr 7, 2014

"The brains behind TheBrain chat with Tencer and Gose on 630 CHED about limits of traditional file management and digitizing your mind!"

630 CHED

The Brain mindmapping and organizational tool now in iOS app version

VizWorld • Apr 4, 2014

"TheBrain for iOS combines the best of note taking, file synchronization and mind mapping apps to give users the ultimate digital memory on their iPhone and iPad."

Dean Meyers