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Exchanging ideas by email or instant message and staring at giant folder trees usually doesn’t inspire much innovation. Creating a visual network of your team’s thinking can help your team reach the tipping point for effective workflow and productive idea generation.

TeamBrain enables fluid knowledge exchange and collaboration inside TheBrain's award-winning user interface. Tie together disparate resources in a unified map that evolves to reflect the best thinking. TheBrain's powerful sync capabilities ensure that no one ever loses the ability to work as part of the team even when they don't have a network connection.

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See how The Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Education is training a new generation of surgeons with TeamBrain Server

Use TeamBrain in the cloud or on-premise .

TeamBrain in the cloud doesn’t require any server software or IT support. If you'd prefer your own server so your data never leaves your private network, we also offer TeamBrain Server, which we will help you setup and maintain behind your firewall.

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Stay connected anywhere. Use your own server or our cloud infrastructure.

TeamBrain is a live organic knowledgebase, always there, accessible from anywhere. For fast setup, use our cloud server and be up and running in minutes or for high-security applications, deploy your own server behind your firewall.

All changes are synced with the desktop application or you can simply work online via a browser. Access your group’s brain from your laptop or phone or even a friend's machine without installing any software.

Your TeamBrain knowledgebase works even when your network doesn't.

Idea generation doesn’t need to stop when you are on the road. TeamBrain lets you work offline on your local computer.

You can still use TheBrain to update and store your data locally. When you’re back online just sync your local version to get the latest changes and send any updates you've made.

TeamBrain is perfect for travelling executives, sales reps and field service technicians who may not always have reliable internet access.

Enable the right level of access to your brain.

Enable different levels of access to different people. This lets you control who sees what and who can make changes.

Want to create a brain for a large group of people? No problem. You can decide who you want to be able to author information make changes as well as who can see it.

Concurrent reader licenses let you cost-effectively share with lots of people.

Capture your team’s ideas to get more done.

When you work together in TeamBrain, your documents and ideas aren’t just sitting in an isolated folder - they’re connected.

This means new employees “get it” faster and are up to speed in no time. Save time on redundant meetings and calls while driving innovation.

Now you can connect to other people’s ideas, leverage team thinking and turn good ideas into great results.

No limits knowledge sharing yields no limits collaboration.

Remember, unlike conventional mind maps or linear folder structures, there’s no limit to the number of Thoughts or connections that can be made in your TeamBrain. So your team’s vision will have no limits.

Users can add and connect hundreds of thousands of ideas. TheBrain’s award winning interface is ideally suited to large data sets so you never have to worry about running out of space. Your TeamBrain grows more powerful as you use it.

Power up your organization with TeamBrain.

  • Make connections to ideas and see key business strategy
  • Get everyone up to speed and on the same page
  • Instantly see all related topics across multiple data sources
  • Browse through vast amounts of information more intuitively
  • Discover critical information and relationships
  • Map key business relationships, IT networks, troubleshooting steps, customer service call scripts
  • No digging through cumbersome directory trees or file/folder structures
  • Provides an ideal learning environment and reference

Read what the experts are saying.

"Through deep object relationships, visual collaboration creates context for ideas or concepts within a virtual space. Interactions then guide people from one idea, from one task, or activity to others conceptually related, or perhaps to seemingly disparate ones that offer new insight."

Daniel W. Rasmus
Technology Analyst and Author of Listening to the Future