Advanced Knowledge Capture With TheBrain 11
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Shelley Hayduk
Mar 25, 2020

Advanced Knowledge Capture With TheBrain 11

This webinar covered basic knowledge management capture practices for your digital Brain while debuting all new version 11 features.

Stay Focused and Get Results!

You have things to do and goals to meet. There is a lot of information out there but how do you bring it all together in a way that lets you leverage what you know for today and future use before you forget or lose it? TheBrain 11 is designed for even easier knowledge capture so you can take a note or a couple thousand. Make connections, save it for later, but most importantly never let a good idea go to waste!

Learn how to:

  • Build a visual knowledge base that reflects your unique perspective
  • Make connections to related content and cultivate insight
  • Capture ideas and content sources on the go via desktop, web or mobile device
  • Use Brain notes to jot down your thoughts and make lists to get more done
  • Utilize new version 11 features including new notes editor, advanced content rendering and automatic icon suggestions

Focus Brain

This Brain was used by Shelley in the first portion of the webinar.

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