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Shelley Hayduk
Sep 21, 2020

TheBrain Integrated into the World's Most Powerful 14 Inch Gaming Laptop, the ASUS ROG G14-ACRNM

Tech-focussed fashion studio Acronym has teamed up with ASUS and TheBrain melding powerful hardware and software with an uncompromising design philosophy. The result is a powerful and visually striking laptop that is truly unlike any other.

TheBrain on ASUS ROG G14 ACRNM RMT01

The machine features a dedicated button for launching a customized version TheBrain that lets users create their own nonlinear knowledgebase integrating all their digital content. In addition to TheBrain's core productivity features, the software comes preconfigured as an access point to a shared TeamBrain exclusive to G14-ACRNM owners.

TheBrain Button on G14 ACRNM

The project unites brothers Harlan Hugh, founder of TheBrain, and Errolson Hugh, founder of Acronym. As Errolson said in a recent interview with iJustine, "TheBrain is a visual organization tool… You can map things out visually and associatively in a matrix of data points which are called thoughts… It's a piece of software that I've used for my entire professional life."

For more details and purchasing, see the official site: ROG G14-ACRNM

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