Visualizing Unprecedented Times for Insight and Action
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Shelley Hayduk
Jul 27, 2020

Visualizing Unprecedented Times for Insight and Action

We live in an ever increasingly complicated world. In addition to navigating the new normal amidst a global pandemic we are also experiencing social change and evolution like never before with movements like Black Lives Matter.


With health, safety and key world events striking at the heart of our lives, it’s important for each of us to synthesize it as best we can. We all need to formulate an understanding in relation to our needs both business and personal, as well as see relevant connections to assess their impact and make critical decisions.

Whenever I have a problem or something that is taking up considerable mental space in my head it goes into my brain. This serves dual roles: sometimes just to think about it and explore the topic more. Other times it’s purely mental relief and personal information organization in the GTD spirit of things to have a “trusted place” (as David Allen would say) to forget about it for the moment but find it when needed.

Sometimes things go in my big, all encompassing “Everything in My Life Brain”, other times it’s a specialized content-focused brain designed to go in depth for maximum content expertise. There are many ways use it. I hope you find TheBrain software as powerful as I do to help you increase your understanding of the world and fomulate intelligent action.

We explored “Visualizing Your World View” on Wednesday July 29th (Watch recording here). We revisited the changes and structure of our popular COVID-19 Brain, covering more about how to operate in the new normal. We were also joined by my talented colleague Jay Ofemi as he unveils his Black Lives Matter Brain.

I invite you to explore the relevant brains to jumpstart your thinking before our session. Here’s a good list to browse:

Also check out our last webinar and portal page on Covid-19 with amazing and inspiring big thinkers Jerry Michalski and Mark Trexler.

Stay connected and stay safe!

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