BrainBox: Instant Information Capture


BrainBox lets you send information to your Brain quickly and easily. Just click the icon in the top-right corner of TheBrain for Windows or macOS for instant access.

  • To take information out of BrainBox and add it to your Brain, just go to the area of your Brain where you want to put it, click the BrainBox icon, then drag and drop it into your Brain or click one of the buttons to add it as a new child thought or as an attachment to the active thought.
  • You can also open BrainBox in its own tab and access the information in it without ever adding it to a Brain. When opened in its own tab, items in BrainBox can be previewed, opened and managed.

Sending Web Pages to BrainBox

Browser Setup

  • Chrome: Install the Chrome extension.
  • Firefox: Install the Firefox Add-on.
  • Safari, Opera: Open the bookmarks bar and drag this bookmarklet to the bar: BrainBox
  • Microsoft Edge: Open the favorites bar (Settings > Show the favorites bar). Click the star icon at the right of the address bar and select the location Favorites Bar. Right click on this link and select Copy link. Right click on the favorite you just created and select Edit URL. Paste the link and press the Enter key.
  • Internet Explorer: At this time, Internet Explorer is not supported.

Using the Browser Extension/Bookmarklet

Once you have setup your browser as described above, go to a page you want to add to BrainBox and click on the extension or bookmarklet. A small window will appear in the top right corner showing the status. If you have not logged in to TheBrain from the browser, you will be prompted to do so. Once you have logged in, go back to the page you want to add and click the extension or bookmarklet again.

Note that you can use the browser extension or bookmarklet from any computer even without installing TheBrain.

Sending Files to BrainBox

Windows File Explorer Send to Integration

From Windows File Explorer, right click on any file and select BrainBox from the Send to submenu. TheBrain will be started if it is not already running and the file will be added to BrainBox. To setup the Windows File Explorer integration, install and run TheBrain 10.

macOS Dock Drag and Drop

To enable drag and drop to TheBrain icon in the dock you must install TheBrain 10.0.11 or higher manually. The automatic update process does not enable this functionality. Download the latest macOS DMG for TheBrain 10, open it, and drag and drop to install to the Applications folder on your Mac.

Launch TheBrain application if it is not running already. From any Finder window, drag and drop any file to TheBrain icon in the macOS Dock. The file will be added to BrainBox. You can also drag the icon from the title bar of many macOS apps.

Sending to BrainBox from…

Additional ways of adding information are coming soon.