Organizing Information in the Age of the Coronavirus

Organizing Information in the Age of the Coronavirus

Covid-19 Brains from TheBrain Big Thinker Web Event

Check out our distinct brains on the world pandemic. Each brain offers a unique perspective with different Thoughts, connections and categorizing structures. Use these examples to get started on visualizing your own perspective on critical world events and everything that matters in your life.

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Watch our panel of brain architects: Shelley Hayduk, Dr. Mark Trexler, Matt Caton and Jerry Michalski

Creating Digital Brains for Analysis and Action

The recording will provide a broad range of perspectives and expertise on brain creation for Covid-19 to help you get started on visualizing and sharing your own perspective. Whether you’re staying in to flatten the curve or out on the front lines, we all make a difference and we’re all connected.

Topics Include:

  • Why knowledge management is critical to solving complex problems
  • Visualizing and connecting large sets of information
  • Creating an information landscape that reflects your perspective
  • Aggregating world events, news items and scientific data from disparate information sources
  • Leveraging tags, thought types and link types to enhance organization
  • Interactive Q&A with Jerry Michalski and Dr. Mark Trexler


Covid-19 Pandemic Response by TheBrain Team

This brain is a collaboratively built network that integrates key topics for responding to the pandemic and news from around the world. It's available for you to download, explore, and customize it yourself.

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Download the Brain Archive *

* Requires installation of TheBrain Desktop Software. Download, install and open TheBrain, then click on File > Import > Brain Archive (brz).

Ultimate Mega Brain by Jerry Michalski

An expansive Covid-19 network and everything else!

Jerry Michalski is the creator of the world’s largest brain created by a single person. He is well known in the technology industry as a sought-after speaker and host of “Inside Jerry’s brain.” His brain can be found at

Watch Jerry's Overview Video

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A Researcher's Brain by Dr. Mark Trexler

This brain features specialized thought zones, great formatted notes and extensive interplay between notes and the plex.

Dr. Mark Trexler, one of two developers of The Climate Web, has worked on climate change for almost 30 years. He is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and management consultant to companies around the world. Preview Mark's Covid-19 brain prior to the webinar.

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