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Welcome to the beta release of TheBrain 11! The beta may contain more bugs than usual and could require updating often to fix issues as they are discovered. Please download our stable release if you are not comfortable with this.

Version 11.0 | Release notes

Download for macOS

Download for Windows

Download for macOS

Download for Windows

Having trouble updating? Please see the Windows troubleshooting guide.

TheBrain 11 is a free upgrade with a Pro Services subscription and for purchases made after August 3, 2019.

Versions 11 and 10 Compatibility

Although possible, we do not recommend going back and forth between versions 11 and 10.

  • Notes created in version 11 are not available in version 10.

TheBrain 11 features a new notes editor. When notes are edited or created in version 11, the changes are saved in a new format that is not compatible with version 10. This results in the following consequences when going between versions 11 and 10:

  • If you make changes to a note in v11 then open that thought/link in v10, the notes changes that you made will not appear in v10’s notes editor. An internal file called “” will appear that contains your notes. This file is hidden when you are viewing from v11.
  • Avoid making changes to a note in v11 then opening that note in v10 and making changes again. This will result in the loss of the changes made in v11 since the latest change you made in v10 overwrites the changes you had made in v11.

TheBrain 11 Features

All New Notes Editor

  • Notes has been rebuilt natively to be better in every respect.
  • Improved performance
  • More reliable
  • Cross platform with all major features available on desktop and mobile clients
  • Printing including widow and orphan prevention
  • PDF Export and HTML Export

A Next-Generation Markdown Editor

  • Markdown is an increasingly popular text-based format for rich text that enables easy interoperability and clear human-readable and editable syntax
  • TheBrain 11 uses an improved version of Markdown that enables more capabilities and a superior editing experience
  • Unlike other Markdown editors, TheBrain enables direct rendering of formatting, images, and more without requiring a "preview" window
  • Text-based formatting: Ability to type text that converts into formatting, such as [ ] to create a checkbox ** for bold, etc.
  • Toolbar-based formatting: A toolbar that works just like you're used to that will also help you learn the text equivalents

Real, Predictable Notes Undo/Redo

  • Undo and redo in notes now works in incremental steps instead of chunks of changes
  • Unlike most modern browser-based editors, this gives you perfect control and consistent behaviour you can rely on

Excellent Copy/Paste support

  • Copy and paste from web pages and other rich formats without losing key formatting while at the same time avoiding the mess that is created when the source formatting is copied indiscriminately

Tables in Notes

  • Create tables inside of notes simply using either the toolbar or the keyboard
  • Tables can include formatting, images, and more
  • Full support for justification of table cells

Improved Image Support in Notes

  • Support for multiple images per line
  • Control sizing and justification
  • Support for SVG images

Powerful Notes Styles

  • 10 fully customizable sets of notes styles included
  • Set different fonts and weights for each paragraph type and have them applied across your entire Brain instantly
  • An interactive visual style editor shows your changes in real time

900+ Integrated Font Families

  • Fonts are consistent across platforms so your notes look the same on Windows, macOS and mobile devices
  • Apply fonts using styles across your entire brain or just to specific selected text

Improved Notes UI

  • Rethought and redesigned to incorporate your feedback
  • New dedicated preferences tab for the Notes Editor enabling adjustment of line-spacing and other options
  • Fast animated cursor effects and other visual feedback designed to make more natural interactions

All New Searchable Modern Icon Library

  • Nearly 2,000 all new icons
  • Modern designs in high-resolution color
  • Discover images via automatic suggestions, searching, browsing and random "shuffle"

First Class PDF Rendering

  • More accurate PDF rendering utilizing a PDF rendering engine developed specifically for each OS
  • Support for very large PDF files
  • New user interface including support for thumbnails, zoom, rotation, search and printing
  • PDF commands are now keyboard mappable

Better macOS Performance

  • New rendering framework enables faster, smoother animation
  • UI follows dark/light OS theme automatically
  • New faster embedded browser

UI System Enhancements

  • TheBrain's overall UI code has been reworked and updated with changes that are not necessarily visible but contribute to increased long-term stability and performance
  • Better keyboard accessibility throughout
  • Improved security infrastructure

Thought and Label Spellchecking

  • The same spellchecking system utilized by notes is now integrated into the Thought creation and editing dialogs

Plus More

  • Statistics include icon information
  • Notes style is included as part of a Brain theme
  • Search web command autofills using text selected in Notes
  • Plex sorting: Words such as "The" at the beginning of a name can be ignored for sorting purposes by surrounding them in parenthesis. ex: (The) Beatles
  • HTML internal file attachments are rendered using the embedded browser
  • New utility commands to set the visibility of all thought types in a Brain at once
  • There are many more small improvements in TheBrain 11. Download now and see for yourself.