TheBrain Editions

FreePro LicensePro ServicePro ComboTeamBrain
Free $219 $180 / year $299
Renews at
$159 / year
$299 / year
/ person
FreePro LicensePro ServicePro ComboTeamBrain
Web Client
FreePro LicensePro ServicePro ComboTeamBrain
Basic Sync
Full Context Sync
Secure Online Backup
Includes Upgrades
One-on-One Support
FreePro LicensePro ServicePro ComboTeamBrain
Perpetual License
Commercial Usage
FreePro LicensePro ServicePro ComboTeamBrain
Unlimited Thoughts
Web Attachments
File Attachments
BrainBox - Web Pages
BrainBox - Files
Editing & Sync
Pro Features

Pro Features

  • Thought and Link Types
  • Tags
  • Expanded Layout
  • Outline Layout
  • Mind Map Layout
  • Reports
  • Advanced Attachment Features
  • Multiple Attachments per Thought
  • Data Importing
  • Integrated Spellchecking
  • Events and Timeline View

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Basic Sync

  • Thoughts and Links
  • Notes
  • Thought Icons
  • URL Attachments

Full Context Sync

  • Internal File Attachments
  • Internal Folder Attachments
  • Events
  • Two-Way Google Calendar Sync

Additional Details

  • The Free Edition is for personal use only. Use for any commercial purpose requires purchasing one of the Pro Editions.
  • The Pro License includes upgrades released within 90 days of the purchase date. After 90 days, users with a perpetual license can purchase a year of upgrades and services for $159.
  • Services are available for the duration of the service period only.
  • Not all Pro features are available on iOS, Android, and Web Client.
  • Features may vary between releases of the software (e.g. TheBrain 8 vs. TheBrain 9).

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