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Matt Caton
Jun 29, 2022

Instant Idea Capture.

We can’t schedule when great ideas happen. But never fear… your brain is here, to capture every idea and to-do effortlessly!

We all have a lot of stuff going on in our lives. We all know moving from folder to folder just doesn’t cut it and an isolated to-do list leaves you missing the big picture. Take beautiful notes and connect all your information in a way that works for you. Learn how to create a brain that is all about self-expression and networks of information that gives you a place to think and find what you need instantly.

From work projects to personal interests, this session is designed to help you create a brain that serves as your virtual memory for everything in your life.

Topics covered:

  • Using TheBrain's notes styles and formats for clear idea and to-do management
  • Organizing your thoughts and capturing ideas quickly
  • Using search, tags and pins for instant idea activation
  • Integrating files and web pages for easy information management
  • Example brains that contain it all to get your creative juices flowing

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