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Matt Caton
Sep 7, 2023

Visual Learning and Discovery: Build the Ultimate Research Brain

By connecting information sources visually you can build an essential reference of content and foster new levels of insight.

Did you know that TheBrain can actually make you smarter?

Learn how to:

  • Use TheBrain as a study guide and ultimate reference source
  • Create smart notes with backlinks and unlinked mentions
  • Target Artificial Intelligence to build branches of knowledge
  • Analyze relationships on complex subjects
  • See example brains for teachers, students and researchers

This webinar is a must see for researchers, teachers, students and anyone who is organizing ideas.

The Teacher and Student Brain

Browse through the Teacher and Student Brain that was demonstrated in the webinar, or download your own copy.

Download BRZ Browse Online

The Shakespeare Brain

The complete works of Shakespeare… and more.

Download BRZ Browse Online

The Note Taking Brain

Five proven note taking methods are reviewed in this brain. Complete with templates, videos and examples of each process.

Download BRZ Browse Online

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