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Matt Caton
Nov 19, 2020

Introduction to the Networked Knowledgebase

Connecting Ideas and Data Sources with TheBrain 12. Join CEO, Harlan Hugh, for a tour of TheBrain's new features.

As you search for documents and collaborate with people, creating an environment where you can see all relevant information and share ideas easily is absolutely critical. There may be thousands of pieces of data out there… How do you bring them together to win your next case or have your next breakthrough?

Get in the know with your digital brain. This webinar will show you how to create and manage all your information in a single connected environment that provides a deeper meaning for your content. The more information you add the more powerful your brain becomes.

Join Matt Caton as he demonstrates the principles that are essential to creating an effective knowledgebase leveraging the features and capabilities of TheBrain. Plus Harlan Hugh, TheBrain's CEO will join the event for a Q&A focusing on the new capabilities of version 12.

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Covid 19 Pandemic Visual Map

This Brain is a collaboratively built network that integrates key topics for responding to the pandemic and news from around the world. It's available for you to download, explore, and customize it yourself.

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The Shakespeare Brain

The complete works of Shakespeare… and more.

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