The Zen of Remote Productivity and Team Collaboration
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Matt Caton
May 20, 2020

The Zen of Remote Productivity and Team Collaboration

This session covered how you can increase productivity with your digital Brain so you can focus on your tasks wherever you are.

In today’s ever changing and demanding distant work environment, creating an effective information environment that extends your projects and thinking beyond your physical office is absolutely critical. However, remote work is more than just multiple zoom meetings, phone calls and emails. You actually need to get stuff done and make sure everyone is in sync.

Learn how to create a visual network of resources that keeps you at the top of your game and helps team members stay focused and brilliant!

Learn how to:

  • Prime your work day with powerful action oriented Thoughts
  • Visually map out your projects and mental landscape
  • Keep you and your team on track and motivated to excel
  • Reduce meeting time with TeamBrains and knowledge capture
  • Use TheBrain’s mobile app to capture new, key articles and add to your TeamBrain
  • Add notes and task lists to your Thoughts
  • Set reminder Thoughts for key projects and ideas
  • Create Thought types and tags to further organize ideas
  • Synchronize between home and office computers, even if you are using a PC at work and a Mac at home
  • Work effectively with geographically dispersed teams
  • Collaborate and group author Brains, including sharing files and making real-time connections

Zen Brain

This Brain was used by Matt in the first portion of the webinar.

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