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Matt Caton
May 19, 2021

Smart Notes and Your Connected Knowledge Base on the Go

This webinar will help you develop your brain to maximize your thinking and knowledge capture.

New ideas are always built on stuff we already know and depend largely on our ability to discover novel relationships. So having a space that captures and enables new connections is key to expanding our thinking.

TheBrain enables fast, easy information capture on your desktop or mobile device for instant knowledge capture on the go. At your desk or in the field, capture all your favorite web sites, internet snippets and amazing thoughts so you can organize and save all your ideas and discover connections that would normally be overlooked.

And with TheBrain 12 your notes are even smarter with new backlinks and hyperlinking.

Topics Include:

  • Capturing web sites and snippets on mobile devices and computers
  • Creating a space for idea management and knowledge organization
  • Fast linking and creation from notes
  • Automatic recognition of mentions and backlinks in notes
  • Using automatic recognition of mentions and backlinks in notes
  • Your brain on the go, accessible anywhere, anytime

Smart Notes and Knowledge on the Go Brain

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