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Harlan Hugh
Aug 15, 2018

Smooth Syncing with TheBrain 9.1

TheBrain 9.1 features state of the art sync technology making it faster and easier than ever to sync your data across all your devices. Sync lets you have access to your notes, files, webpages and everything else in your Brain from anywhere, anytime even without a network connection.

9.1 Blog Post Wide

Version 9.1 resumes interrupted syncs automatically. If you lose your connection while a sync is in progress, it will seamlessly pick up where it left off next time. Additionally, the sync process and the associated UI has been improved significantly.

TheBrain for iOS has also been recently upgraded. The new version supports background syncing so you can continue to work while it updates everything. On iPad you’ll also notice a new icon in the toolbar that lets you enable the display of distant Thoughts.

Thanks for all your support! Keep thinking.


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