Download Old Versions of TheBrain

These older versions of TheBrain are no longer supported and are provided as a courtesy to registered users who have not yet upgraded. We recommend you download the latest release instead.


  • Versions of TheBrain prior to 9 utilized Java. Version 8 includes a dedicated Java Virtual Machine. Version 7 requires an existing installation of Java (available here). Due to changes in operating systems and Java versions, it may no longer be possible to run certain versions on a given OS.
  • Due to third party licensing agreements, we may not be able to offer downloads of old versions indefinitely and they may be removed from the site in the future without notice.
  • The 64-bit Windows version is only recommended if you intend to use TheBrain with 64-bit Outlook.

Tutorials for Version 8

Version 8 is no longer supported. For reference purposes tutorials for version 8 are still available.

What's New in TheBrain 10?

TheBrain 10 boosts productivity with BrainBox for quick ad hoc knowledge capture. New semantic tagging tools enable advanced information categorization and discovery. Plus improved UI, speed, and much more.

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